The Importance Of Education In Malaysia

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In today’s modern world education is a must for everyone. Only with the advent of education people gain knowledge and enlarge their view over the world. Once Nelson Mandela said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This quote explains the vital role of education in a person life. In Malaysia, higher education is not free and also the cost of higher education is very expensive. Thus, not everyone can further their studies as they wish because to get a place in public universities is very limited. Besides that, studying in private universities requires a lot of money. Scholarship is one the best solution for student without financial support to continue their studies in their desired courses. Jabatan …show more content…
Education is very important for a developing countries like Malaysia. Whether it is economically or socially, education plays an important role in the growth of these two vital factors. Although the country’s economy is not stable government should not decrease countries expenses on education. There many other ways to restore economic stability, government should take intensive on that to restore the economy. Thus, sudden suspension of scholarship will cause the country to loss many educated people. Educated people are aware of the socio-economic scenario of the country and can help in the progress of the country. The educated mass somehow knows how to contribute towards the country’s well-being. Hence, Malaysia government should not suspend scholarships due to countries current economic crisis. Government should re think about the suspension of JPA scholarship decision and come out with a more appropriate solution for the deserving students. No matter how bad the economy is, the government should not make any decision that would jeopardize a person’s chance to get a good education. The world is competitive, one needs a good education to survive. Besides that, public universities in Malaysia is limited. Government should find a solution to increase the number public universities around Malaysia. At the same time, improve the reputation of local universities. By doing this, the government can decrease the expenses on scholarship as students can get a better education at a reasonable tuition fee locally. This is the best alternative solution that government can do to help Malaysian students due to the suspension of JPA

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