Essay about My Life : Journey Through Literacy

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My Life: Journey Through Literacy
As a kid my dad would push me to be the best athlete I could be but more importantly, the best student I could be. When I was four-year-old kid me and my dad would sit at the kitchen table every night and do a literacy program called “Hooked on Phonics.” We would spend multiple hours on it a night. To be honest, I hated every minute of it. Every other kid I knew was sleeping or doing normal kid things, but no, here I was stuck sounding out words on notecards. In the end it helped me learn how to read at a young age and helped get me into a gifted and talented program when I got into elementary school. When my dad’s coaching career took off, he didn’t have time to make me do our nightly reading lessons. Instead he decided to go out and buy a children’s bible for me to read. Every night I would have to read it for 30 minutes and give him a summary of what I managed to cover. I did every night until I finished it. As elementary school started, my dad began to ease up on me and let me focus on the actual homework that was given to me. As a kid I didn’t realize the impact that all of those nightly lessons had on me but I understand know. I consistently was at the top of my class in literacy and writing skills. When I hit the fifth grade, things went back to the way they used to be. One day my dad came home with a new book, “Moby Dick”. This man wanted me to read a book that most adults would struggle reading and he wanted me to do it as a…

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