My Life Is A Worst Nightmare Essay

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Growing up in a single mother household all your life is a worst nightmare. Knowing you have no father figure or male role model in your life is hard, especially knowing that you can’t go to anyone for everything. Kids who are boys might have mothers, but they can’t go to their mother for everything. For example I grew up in a single mother household without a father and it was hectic, knowing you can’t go home and tell your dad what happened at school or who you’re crushing on. It’s difficult because I know from experience, what I’ve gone through and especially seeing my mother suffer from hurt and anger. Also you would be surprised how many kids who grew up without their father leads to drug abuse and most likely to end up in jail. we as a society can help kids stay out of trouble in little kids events or even doing a fundraiser towards charity so they can realize giving back is a good deed.

Living in the life of growing up in a single parent household, can be a nightmare Usually this happens when a parent is absent from the house either the father or the mother it’s a real struggle from experience “ 85 percent of the time is the fathers that absent from the house. In one of my articles, I found a quote that states, “Changes in family structures have resulted in many children growing up in nontraditional families, where their father is not a resident in the family home”. Thats totally true because it has been a proven fact that children growing up without a father…

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