My Life: I Want To Become A Doctor

The first time I really felt that I wanted to be a doctor was the day my sister had her first son. All day I stayed by her side and tended to her needs. My role in the delivery room went from being just a younger sister trying to make her comfortable to a very hands-on coach during the delivery, helping her push effectively. I was elated, exhausted, and extremely excited to help in a small way bring a life into the world. On the way home that night, I reflected on the labor and birth, saying to myself: "I want to do that every day! I want to be an Ob-Gyn!" Unfortunately, that idea was pushed to the back of my mind as people close to me miscarried and experienced intense pain at the loss of their children. Engineering school became more important …show more content…
After my husband Efrain and I married, we talked about going to medical school together one day, since we both originally started college separately as pre-med students yet ultimately chose mechanical engineering as our bachelor degrees.
Several years after my sister had her son, I found out that I was going to have a child of my own. I started visiting my Ob-Gyn
Dr. Yarian more frequently. She made me feel very secure and at ease about the pregnancy. Every time I visited her I felt my concerns were addressed and that she had confidence in me. Dr. Yarian inspires me because she was a lot like me early in her career, an engineer with a family who went back to school and chose medicine. Talking with her about being a mother and going through medical school and a residency made think seriously that I could fulfill my goals even with a child in the picture. Then I had my daughter. Personally experiencing the joy of a newborn is an amazing thing. Enduring through labor and then having a beautiful child afterwards has changed my life and how I want to spend my future. Guiding women progress through their lives and medically caring for them as they have their children is something I feel would be a very honorable
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There is a piece of pain with being a doctor, telling a patient that he or she is at the end or that they lost someone they love, or didn 't even get the chance to hold yet. I prepare myself mentally forthis challenge, to be caring and compassionate enough to be the first person to help a patient with the coping process. In my volunteer work I share with people a hope for the future of better health and a happy life. As a doctor I can help make that future now for my community. At work I speak with coworkers about what would make their job easier or safer, and then I engineer a solution. Beyond that though, they tell me about personal issues, about their health problems and their family 's health problems. This confidentiality I already value and my concern for my fellow coworkers is a quality I will use as a doctor daily.
My own great-grand mother is still alive, but her mother died in child birth. Even though this was over eighty years ago, the risk of death in childbirth is a reality today. This makes me appreciate even more modern medicine and I am thankful we have the technologies to survive a high risk pregnancy and thrive. Some friends of mine are upset that they were not able to

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