How Divorce Changed My Life

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Having to grow up at a young age without your mother or father has been always a hard situation to deal with. Being from a broken home, it definitely changed my perspective in life. Not knowing when I was going to visit my dad in the beginning was difficult. I was always with my dad and would do everything with him, but things have changed since the divorce of my parents. The moment that I realized my life was going to change forever was the day that we had to leave my house and go stay with my grandma and grandpa. Not being able to control what happened between then and fix it was a hard thing that to accept. My brothers and I always wanted to be a family and try to fix the issues that were going on, but it wasn’t up to us, it was up to our parents and as we grew older we realized that and had to accept the fact of our parents and us not living in the same house.
I remember waking up one morning to the yelling, and screaming of
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I believe it’s one of those things that we don’t realize can affect us in real and subtle ways. I learned that even though this event was something that I would have to live with the rest of my life, I accepted it and made the best out of it. My parents separating and getting a divorce didn’t affect the way I felt about my Dad, it didn’t make me love him any less because I live with my mother. It made me appreciate the things in life that I did have, and the people who were always there for me. I also realized that it was best for my parents to divorce because it was something that they knew they weren 't going to work out. My mom did was she felt was right and I respect her so much for being able to get out of the relationship, and not stay with someone who wasn’t treating her right. My mom eventually found someone else that could make her happier then anyone else, and this shows that even after a bad divorce she had the strength to move on and get over

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