My Life Concept Project At Xlix Faculty As A Part Of The Whole Life Concepts Project

2048 Words Nov 26th, 2016 9 Pages
Over the past several weeks three separate memos have been prepared for the XLIX Faculty as a part of the Whole Life Concept Project. The memo subjects were all based on the Whole Life Concept Model, which has four main rings to it, passion, skills and knowledge, application, and impact. The first memo that was written focused on my passion and what impact I want to have on the world. In the first memo, I also set forth three, five, and ten year goals for myself. The second memo I wrote was about the skills, both hard and soft, and the classes I will need to take to meet the goals outlined previously. In the final memo prepared I then talked more about the classes I will take in the future but also, I talked about my major choice and how it will help me reach my goals. Completing these parts of the Whole Life Concept Project has really been helpful in planning for my future. In this final report, I want to discuss how this assignment has influenced my perception of engineering, my choice of major, and plans for the future but also give a reflection on the whole process of completing it.

The Whole Life Concept Project was centered around the Whole Life Concept Model and its four rings, passion, skills and knowledge, application, and impact. My assignment was to fill in these rings and create a unique model based on me and my future. There are several reasons as to why it was important for me to create this model now at this point in my academic and professional life. The…

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