Whole Life Concept

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To: Engineering Design Firm
From: Nikoi Sanniez
Date: 4 October 2017
Subject: Whole Life Concept Part 1

The Whole Life Concept is an ideology that can be applied in any part of life. This ideology can be incorporated into many topics relevant to engineers in today’s world. The Whole life Project outlines the steps that are necessary to become a successful career. This includes four major concepts that are crucial to succeeding: Passion, is a desire from the heart that one has for achieving their goals. Knowledge is the skills you obtain to help achieve your goals. Application is how you applied the skills you learned to the real world. Finally, impact is how the skills you applied
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I was amazed at the differences in many of the engineering fields as some caught my attention. I would often ask my uncle to help me build items such as toy cars, boats, etc. We would talk for hours about the process and function of the different components. When I started high school, I was very anxious to start exploring the field of engineering. The classes I took to further feed my curiosity and develop my interest were unlike any other classes I had taken before; instead of being taught something and told to memorize it, I was taught how something works and told to apply it to solve a specific problem. I was amazed by the different solutions my peers and I came up with to solve the problems, and I would often take note of the logic of all the solutions and apply it to elsewhere. When I took more advanced math and science classes, I was taught about different theories. Seeing how engineers applied these theories in real life only increased my interest in engineering and attested my desire to pursue it …show more content…
In Africa, the lack of safe drinking water and huge power deficit continue to be a problem for some African countries (2013). One huge contributor to the effort to help improve the conditions in Africa is Asia. Asia uses its own contractors, to build new roads, rails, and port facilities, with the goal speeding the process of sending Africa’s precious metal to manufacturing centers back in China (2013). While in South Africa they have launched a $430 billion plan to improve transportation, energy, water, and sanitation (2013). As a Mechanical engineer I am required to analyze situations such as these and find a way to solve problems such as these. For instance, with transportation and energy, I would need to find a green way to generate power without causing any more harm to the environment as well as find new ways to design new safer vehicles. In the future I see myself as a Mechanical Tech who uses the knowledge he has gained within the field to who help generate greener energy and safer vehicles for transportation. In ten years, I hope to start my own company and continue to keep solve problems like these around the

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