My Life At Home Parent Essay

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Without my dad in our lives, every aspect changed. My mom was a stay-at-home parent. She now had three kids to raise alone, with no college degree. Feelings of injustice, discontent, depression, and anger filled my home. My family became broken and I became apprehensive about my life. Even as a fourth grader, I was so aware of the extreme cost of college that I started a piggy bank with the purpose of saving for college. There were no leftover savings, as we had declared bankruptcy in 2005. My mom applied for a job as a cashier for Aramark, but we now lived in poverty.
In each sibling, our identities were affected. My sister was already the social butterfly as well as the beauty of the family. She was gifted with my dad’s artistic talent and she can dance like a seasoned star. As my sister grew up, she turned to modeling to express her art. Some photos are exquisite, but some are degrading. Without my dad’s words of encouragement, she lost her sense of self-worth, and is constantly battling the struggle of hiding her depression by living a wild lifestyle. My brother used to be a cheerful, straight-A student. He became reclusive and stopped caring about school. He developed serious anger issues throughout middle school where being around him was a physical threat to me at times. My mom was working during the day, so I had to fend for myself, and as a result, became profoundly independent. My mom remained kind, and I admire her for her faith in God as well as her endurance…

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