Essay on My Life And My Future

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Saying Goodbye
When my parents said time flies, they were not kidding. I grew up with three older siblings Seth, DeAnne, and Michael. When I was younger I never thought about my future. I probably should start now considering I am a freshman and college is just three years away. Anyways as I watched my oldest brother Seth grow up, go to college, and start a life it forced me to learn a lot about myself and others. Out of all my memories with Seth, the day he was sworn into the Army plays over and over again in my mind.
Just when I thought life would slow down, it turned out life never slows down. Seth had graduated college and gotten married. The next step of his life was joining the Army. I always knew that the day would come for him to leave us, but I never thought it would have been so soon. Trying my best to be a supporting sister I kept a smile on my face even though I knew it was going to be hard not seeing him everyday.
Saturday was the day Seth was officially joining the Army. Because of the ceremony being so early in the morning we stayed in a hotel the night before. At about seven thirty that morning Mom, Dad, DeAnne, Michael, and me got in the car to head towards some government building in Louisville. The ride there was like any normal car ride within the Mingey family. As usually Dad was complaining about the directions and Mom was doing her best to find our way there. While Mom was telling Dad to “turn right, no turn left” I was as usual drawing little feet on…

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