My Life After The Middle Of The Hall Essays

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Standing in the middle of the hall, looking at every new face makes me feel so lost. No one was there for me to turn to or talk to. This was not what I expected when coming to Stanly Early College. At that time, I was only fourteen years old with no friends at Stanly Early College, which made me feel very out of place. It made me regret choosing Stanly Early College because at first I thought I would get to know different people, but I only ended up being alone. My loneliness made me feel as if things would not get better, but I did not lose hope. As time went by, I started to get used to the environment because I knew that it would get better and it actually did. Stanly Early College was the start of my journey because it gave me lessons that I never learned before. It taught me that it is okay to be alone, it made me realize that I cannot be a quitter, and that I will feel happier if I can make myself more positive.
The bus ride in the morning to North Stanly Middle School is my time to finish any homework that I did not do the night before and to hear about all the news that is happening at the middle school. As the bus stops at my middle school, I race to the gym to find my friends because I have the latest gossip news for them to hear. Today, is the due date for a big final project in 6th grade. This is one of the times in which I felt so proud of my project because it wowed all of my teachers and I got an A on it. On this project I had to make something that makes me…

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