Essay My Life After My Senior Year At Central High School

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Thursday Morning Imagine spending seven to nineteen months in a small twelve by sixteen room. Imagine having eight middle-aged, stinky guys for roommates. Imagine beds so small that you can barely stretch your feet out to get comfortable, not that you could anyway, because the mattresses were harder than cement blocks. Imagine the beds being bunk beds, with no steps or ladders, not even a stool to help you climb to the top bunk. You simply jump up and hope for a safe landing. Imagine having to eat food that was flavorless slop, usually raw, and not fit to feed the pigs. Just imagine. That was my life a few months ago. Let me tell you how I got there and why I’m never going back. During my senior year at Central High School, I met a kid that always lingered around me and my group of friends. He invited himself into our conversations and even walked behind us in the hallways. We never paid too much attention to him, and most of the time we would tell him to get a life. The kid was a creeper, and we didn’t want anything to do with him. However, sooner or later, he realized how to attract our attention by bringing up topics that we liked. He talked to one of us about cars, talked to the other about girls, and talked to me about money. One day during school when I was alone, the creeper started telling me he realized I had an obsession with money. At that moment, he had my undivided attention. He proposed a deal to me, sort of an eye-for-an-eye deal. The…

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