My Life After Leadership And Ambition Essay

1359 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
There is a point in one’s life when leadership and ambition is something required in order to deliver a mission of a spoking words of the struggle and what makes that struggle and ambition to become a motivation and need to help people. And this is how what Aziz Alhadi felt growing up. Aziz Alhadi was born in 1961 to Middle Eastern parents in Masury Ohio, and the oldest of three siblings. Growing as child he really didn’t have the same opportunity as the other kids in the neighborhood due to the fact that he’s dad was immigrant and worked all day, and he’s mother was only a house wife and didn’t have a formal education. He had to do relay and learn pretty much everything by himself and being the oldest, he had to be like a second father to his brothers due to their age difference and also his maturity. Although his family were consider to be middle class, he always held a job ever since he was a little boy. His first job was a paper route delivering newspapers to the neighborhood, and also had to wok odd jobs like working in a grocery stores, cutting grass, shoveling snow, and even sometimes working with a machinist in a local machine shop in order to make ends meet. He always used relay on himself for everything and always used to try to educate himself in so many ways, weather it was reading, writing or even socializing with different people trying to figure out different cutlers and backgrounds of certain kinds of people. By the time high school came along he already…

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