Essay about My Life After High School

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"I 'm finally going to do it" I said to him as he walked in the door from work. "I 'm finally going to finish what I started so long ago. It 's been dragging me down and preventing me from accomplishing so many things. It has to be done." He sat down his lunch box and looked at me with a look of confusion. "Why now?" he said. "What made you decide to start now?" To be honest, I wasn 't really sure of "why now". It would be better for me, our children and our life. I should have just completed when I started it, but everyone makes mistakes, right? So let 's rewind about 9 years to where it all went wrong. I was 16 years old, full of rebellion and my own crooked priorities. By the age of 17, I was pregnant. I never expected to be such a young mother. I quit high school due to morning sickness and anxiety. It was my senior year. I had my first son two weeks before I turned 18. It was also two weeks before I would have graduated. I took the classes to take the test for my General Education Diploma (GED), I paid for and scheduled the test, but the baby came early. He was born two days before the test. I couldn 't take it and wasn 't reimbursed or allowed to reschedule. I worked odd jobs. I worked as a trail guide on horseback, I waitressed, bartended and dealt with life at home. Life at home wasn 't happy. I took my son and left when he was almost 2 years old. I had finally gotten a job that I enjoyed doing, and knew the owner of the agency, so my high school diploma wasn…

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