My Learning Style And Therapeutic Mode Essay

1540 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
I have learned a lot about myself while completing the self-assessment questionnaires, and taking the time to self-reflection about my learning style and therapeutic mode. I have always thought my learning styles was an accommodating style, but since taking the Kolb’s learning styles questionnaire. I scored the following; 42 in reflective observation, 34 in active experimentation, 23 abstract conceptualization, and 20 in concrete experience. I discovered that my style of learning is diverging. After reading the definition about diverging style it does sound like how I like to learn. I do best by viewing concrete situations from many different points of views. I do generate a wide range of ideas for everything. I like to observe in the classroom, and focus on what the professors are lecturing about. However, when I am not in class I like to be constantly moving. I will observe how something is done and learn the process. I am not afraid to jump in immediately to complete task I just learned. I do not agree that I prefer to work in groups. I do like to hear their input about the topic and moving forward to complete the task. However, I do not like having to depend on other people to complete assignments, or the feeling I am carrying the weight for other people.
During my fieldwork I will make sure that I am just not observing during evaluation process. I will have to work on getting comfortable with my clinical instructor (CI), and the computer system. I will…

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