Personal Narrative: My Journey With Learning

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My Journey With Learning My desired career as a dentist lies eight years away and during four of those years I will be exposed to unrelated subjects such as math and history in order to make me a “well-rounded” individual. My journey with learning mirrors that of Samuel Scudder in his article “Look at Your Fish: In the Laboratory with Agassiz”. It is clear to see that my learning style is a product of the forced education guidelines I must follow as a U.S student; I do not learn everything there is to learn in one subject, but instead snippets from each subject and I do not excel in anything, I am simply average in most areas. I process information in a way that only focuses on the main and most important ideas and then wave away the details, …show more content…
It is a struggle and the outcome is not making me the happiest person on earth, but in my mind it seems it will be more beneficial. I learned that I must manage time in a way in which I can learn in depth, so this meant less time focussing on work or getting ready and instead focussing on studying. The key to my success is for me to “set myself down to my task with a will, and [start discovering] one new thing after another” (Scudder 454) instead of being pleased with just learning the basics. I sometimes even deprive my other classes of attention while trying to focus on a more important class, but one thing I learned in college is that sometimes a person must sacrifice. I am currently sacrificing my grade point average, I know everything won’t be a perfect score, because when I start to focus extra time on one subject some other classes might get left behind. I have also learned that getting a perfect grade is not the most important thing while at college, but instead it is essential to learn the material; if that means I learn from the mistakes I make on a test or a paper then that is okay because I will develop greater skills in the long

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