My Journey Into The Adult World Essay

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Graduating high school and beginning your journey into the adult world can seem intimidating, which in most perspectives it is. In the United States, completing high school is considered to be a milestone in one’s life, after that, doors begin to open. A decision that crosses the table of most high school graduates table is whether or not to peruse higher education or not. This particular decision can shape a person’s life and highly influence their future productivity and levels on financial success. Where there is a few options that come with this decision really there is only one that counts and that is either “Yes I am going” or “No I am not going”. A lot of questions also come up with this decision, such as “Why should I go” and “is it worth is?” and it is important that they are answered. Around sixty five percent of the United States population has not obtained a college degree, either because they did not apply themselves in college or perhaps they just did even attempt to go. An explanation for this statistic can be revealed with number of excuses including; not being able to afford it, There parents didn’t go so why should they, does not have the grades, or not knowing exactly what they want to do yet. Where there are several more excuses that can be made these are just a few common ones, and overall in the end they are just excuses and not valid reasons to put off such an opportunity. Answering the questions of a student in consideration of going to college and…

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