Personal Narrative: My Freshman Year In High School

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Like a river, high school has been a winding journey for me. Sometimes I am not sure what is around the bend. With each bend change happens within me when I allow it to. My mom once said, sometimes you have to give up to get up. The river started off nice, calm, and welcoming and then the water started to pick up the pace. I have changed as a person and have matured more through the raging waters and rapids than the calm of my freshmen year.
Going into my Freshman year I had some high expectations for high school. I will blame that on what I learned from High School Musical as a young fan. I guess singing and dancing while playing a basketball game isn’t a real thing and only happens in that movie. There is no singing or dancing during lunch
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Sophomore year was still exciting, but sports weren’t as fun as I had hoped. I wanted to quit volleyball, and I faced a lot of struggles with basketball. Fear controlled me in both sports but mainly basketball. Being yelled at constantly and feeling as if I was never good enough was not my definition of fun. It just got to the point where I played basketball for so long and just got tired of it. Not to mention, I had to tell my parents (who were both coaches of basketball) that I didn’t want to continue with the sport I loved as a little girl. Sure, as a freshman there were no high expectations from the coach. But with each year I found out that my stress and their expectations only grew. I may have fallen out of the boat a few times down this stretch of the river. I was hanging on to the side of the boat trying to salvage friendships and perform for my coaches and the upperclassmen. The one area where I grew in confidence was in my classes. Having other classmates who were in the higher classes, I wanted to catch up with them, which was a priority of mine. I had academic goals and wanted to meet them. Life at this time was okay as I struggled to make some tough

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