My Journey In High School

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Like a river, high school has been a winding journey for me. Sometimes I am not sure what is around the bend. With each bend change happens within me when I allow it to. My mom once said, sometimes you have to give up to get up. The river started off nice, calm, and welcoming and then the water started to pick up the pace. I have changed as a person and have matured more through the raging waters and rapids than the calm of my freshmen year.
Going into my Freshman year I had some high expectations for high school. I will blame that on what I learned from High School Musical as a young fan. I guess singing and dancing while playing a basketball game isn’t a real thing and only happens in that movie. There is no singing or dancing during lunch
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It was not a good year for me. I ended up quitting basketball and reluctantly continued volleyball. My Junior year for volleyball went well, but I approached some heavy rapids after that season. I started to get really sick. My doctor had a difficult time diagnosing what was wrong with me and this led to many tests which ultimately showed I had Crohn 's disease. The start of my second semester of my Junior year was extremely challenging. While on these rapids, I started wearing a life jacket. Missing a lot of school and dealing with social issues was not how I expected to be spending the end of Junior year. The medicine was hard on my body, inside and out. I completely shut down. I didn’t want to socialize with others. I got nervous and had anxiety (side effect of the medicines) when I was around people. I developed acne covering my entire body. I was nauseous and couldn’t eat much because of the pain I was in from the Crohn’s. I couldn’t sleep at night, catching a couple hours here and there each day. I was constantly tired and took many half days. Up until my diagnosis, I rarely missed school. People would say that I was faking and that I just didn’t want to be at school. I could never catch a break. It was one of the loneliest times of my life. I felt like I was battling class 5 raging river rapids each day, always exhausted at the end. I look back now and see some awesome changes in myself. This is where I am learning to give up in order to start getting up. I learned that I needed to accept the pain and struggles but fight back and not let them control

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