My Journey From A First Year Nursing Essay

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According to Oxford Dictionaries (2015), confidence is defined as “a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.” Four years ago, I was placed in an entirely unfamiliar element, I was unsure of the decision I made to commit to four years of school to become a nurse. Looking back, I am glad I took the plunge because I have found and strengthened characteristics of myself that I never thought I could possess. I believe that a strong self-image positively reflects all aspects in one’s practice, including critical thinking skills, accountability for patient’s health, and confidently delivering nursing care. This essay will reflect on my journey from a first year nursing student to a beginning graduate nurse.
Personal Reflection
This journey to becoming a beginning graduate nurse encompassed success and failures while I began to sculpt my own nursing self-image. In first year, my learning goal was to be able to provide great care while also ensuring it is completed in a timely manner. I remember when getting a resident dressed and to breakfast before 0830 hr was an unmanageable task. At this point in my career, my critical thinking skills were inadequate and I was skimming the surface when it came to making connections regarding health history, lab values, and medications for my patient. Looking back now, I remember my resident was drinking poorly, had dysuria, and low back pain. Therefore, I began a UTI protocol for my…

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