My Job At Fice Of Inspector General Essay

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1. * This position will be working in the City Budget Office. Briefly describe your work or educational experience as it relates to the duties of this position.
As an Actuarial Science Mathematics major, I have taken numerous classes to prepare for a job like the Budget Analyst position. My Corporate Finance and Accounting classes taught me about operating budgets and how to analyze them based on performance, revenue, expenses, and expenditures. I learned how to create budget sheets, expense reports, and other records that directly relate to keeping a budget.
In my Resident Assistant job, I was given a budget and a certain number of events to put on for the entire semester. I had to choose how to allocate those funds for each program based on estimated attendance and actual performance from similar events.
During my internship at the Office of Inspector General, I was given the task of creating and verifying travel vouchers. This required me to maintain financial records of expected and actual charged travel expenses. While I did not create the budgets for each department, I did have to verify that employees were keeping within their allotted budgets. I then compiled the individual employees’ data into one document in order to keep the financial database up to date.

2. * Please describe your analytical reasoning skills.
While at the University of Texas, I have employed analytical reasoning skills almost daily. Whether it is for class assignments or my job, I am frequently…

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