Essay on My Interview With Ash Ameed

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In my interview with Ash Ameed, I learned a lot about his home country of Egypt and his values and beliefs that shape his life. Before conducting this interview, I did not really think about where the people who live and work around me were from. Ash and his family own three convenience stores in the county, as well as a restaurant. By talking with him and asking him several questions, I was able to learn about his life, his beliefs, and similarities and differences between America and Egypt. I was also able to connect some of his beliefs and values, as well as some Egyptian customs and rules to other countries that I have learned about in this course. During this interview, I sat behind the counter of the store that I have been in countless times. It was a busy night, so I was able to see what Ash does for a living and how he interacts with different customers. It really stuck out to me how he was friendly to everyone who walked in the store and how he has adapted to the dialect and language here. For example, when a Hispanic customer would come in, he would speak a little Spanish to them, even if the person spoke English. This stuck out to me the most because it shows how he cares about the people who visit the store and how he has adjusted to the way of life here. To begin the interview, I asked Ash some basic questions, such as when he moved to America and some of the reasons for moving. He moved to America from Luxor, Egypt in 1995 when he was twenty-one…

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