Dental Interview Paper

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As I began my interview with Jendayi Alleyne GM at Affordable Dental Conroe TX, I made sure to being the by establish rapport by shaking hands and introducing myself. After establishing rapport with Mrs. Alleyne I began to dive into the interview. I first asked Mrs. Alleyne why she choose this profession and if she loved her job. She explained that she always wanted to do something in management but she never really knew what she wanted to do and that internships throughout college really helped her pinpoint want she want to do. She explained that she loves her job and she been working at Affordable dental for a number of years. My second question to Mrs. Alleyne was about education requirements for this position. She made clear Most general managers have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, management or a field related to their work. She also stated that most college student out the gate will not become a GM because it is a position that requires experience. Mrs. Alleyne also explained that being a GM is a board position and knowledge about all aspects of business, including finance, logistics, marketing and human resources and needed to become a successful GM. …show more content…
Alleyne what favorite and less favorite part of her job was. She said she loved working with her team to help improve the company and make it more profitable. She said because she’s worked at this company for so long that she has built relationships with a lot of the consumers and employees. Mrs. Alleyne mentioned that the least favorite part of her job was the rigorous traveling she does on a daily basis to visit her other facilitates. As I closed the interview I asked Mr. Alleyne if she envisioned her self being the GM of a dental company. She responded by saying that she never really thought about what particular business she wanted to work for that she just knew she had a future in management and

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