Essay on My Internship At Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

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During my internship at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare I learned that the most valuable lesson experience. This time allowed me to apply in-classroom topics in a business setting. My overall goal was learn how to improve and maintain brand awareness throughout the local community and potential leads. In this essay, I will discuss the lessons/challenges I learned and a summary the Public Relation assignments I worked on.
I worked on the company as an Oncology Unit Secretary for almost a year. During March, the company laid me off, this made ineligible to finish my internship at the hospital. This has been a difficult time for me since I have to support my mother who is disabled and not able to work. In turn, this experience has allowed me to network with different professionals in the field, making job-hunting an easier task. On the other hand, the department covers Marketing but in addition Public Relations which entails a lot of writing and revising press releases. Having no previous class/work experience in the Public Relations field made it difficult for me to finish the assignments. However, I was able to accomplish this by taking good notes from my supervisor. For example, there are Media Alerts and Press Releases, the differences are Media Alerts are shorter, they’re more formal for events and news, but they have a common structure—such as, who, what, when, where, and boiler plate. This helped me understand when to use one over the other.
During my second week, I…

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