My Hometown Essay

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Hometown Short Lived
Whenever someone asks me where I am from, I’m always conflicted since I’ve lived at multiple places in my life. A hometown is a place which holds significance and memories: good and bad. I was born in a town outside of Karachi, Pakistan called Steel Town; a residential area for families that are employed by the steel mill. However, a place does not become your hometown just because you were born there, your hometown is a symbol of who you are and how that place influenced the person you are today. My hometown was the industrious city of Karachi a busy, bustling city.
Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan, and ranked as the 7th largest and most populated city in the world(Karachi). It is the main financial center and seaport
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Our house was pretty well-known in our neighborhood since we were the first people to move to that block. Growing up in Karachi was fun, our neighborhood at everything, a Chinese restaurant across the street, a small market for all your snack needs on the corner, and even a little bazaar by the Mosque, where the neighborhood kids would come out and play cricket when the electricity went out. They even build a park across the street by the barber shop, which was no more than a chair with a mirror set up for one barber. Everyone knew this barber, he made more money than the barber shop that opened up down the street from my house. Every time I went to get my haircut, Salman bhai used to always gave me some snacks, while listening to him telling us about his life and his experiences. Before he became a barber, he was with the Pakistani army and told about the conflicts on the border of Pakistan and India. I had a daily routine of going to the bazaar and come back with bags full of snacks since everything was so cheap, a dollar and fifty cents can get you a whole meal at McDonald’s. As a kid growing up, I was clueless about the poverty and the corruption, maybe it was because my parents and relatives did not let us experience the day-to-day struggle but you can’t stay blind forever. I studied at a private school and had the privilege of learning English, while there are people that aren’t able to pay for their kids’

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