Reflective Essay On High School Teachers

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As I look back on my life as a student and educator, it is easy to pinpoint the landmarks that have brought me to the present moment, seeking the opportunity to prepare for a future career as a superintendent. However, at the time, these landmarks were not necessarily clear or even pointing towards a career in education. Upon reflection there have been very specific experiences that have provided me with a set of skills and principles that I believe will make me a successful superintendent.
Most people can rattle off the names of at least one or two teachers that they remember fondly from school. I could do the same stretching back to pre-k, but there is one important characteristic three educators in my high school shared. What made these three individuals unique was their ability to inspire me. My chemistry and art teachers, Dr. Beulah Durr and Ms. Nikki Kendrot, showed me that these two subjects were not mutually exclusive. Both teachers offered me opportunities to explore art and science, which grew into life long passions. My high school principal, Mr. Granger Ward, inspired me to be a better student by treating me with respect even when my actions may not have warranted his even handed approach. All three of these individuals still represent a standard to which I aspire. Because of the influence of my high school teachers, I
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I believe we were discussing classroom management and how a teacher needs to concentrate on only those variables he can directly control. The idea of a sphere of influence was a powerful visual for me. I worked diligently to create an environment that would allow my students to grow. When I decided to pursue a career as a principal, I believed that my sphere of influence was growing. I had success creating a positive learning environment in my classroom, and I am currently working to build the same environment throughout my entire

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