My Happy Experience

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Question #1:
From the outside, my life consists of all happy moments. My friends, family and teachers all see me as a bubbly, positive girl that is full of curiosity and energy. There is this one secret that only I know. Holidays scare me. Starting at the age of fourteen, I began to realize that I have a fear of holidays. As holidays start to approach, I become nervous and anxious. I love Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years, but my fear consists of my parents. As an only child and having all my extended family members living in Malaysia, I spend holidays celebrating with my parents. Holidays for me can either turn out to be good or bad. When I was little, my parents would have a big fight or argument at least once a year and it typically
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It was part of a non-profit organization, called OCAC R.O.C., which worked directly under the government of Taiwan. I was able to work with children from grades one to six. This experience sparked my interest in working with kids and bringing joy to their daily life. It genuinely makes me happy when kids smile at me and laugh with me. Through my previous experiences and classes I have taken at my university, I have found that communication is a key factor in growth and development. While in Taiwan, a student named Jim, was the biggest troublemaker in my class. He was the catalyst for disruptive behavior performed by other students. Everyday I would have to discipline Jim and one day I just could not take it anymore, so I sent him to the principal’s office. As I was talking to the principal after school, he told me about Jim’s story and family background he came from. His parents were never around and no one really cared for him at home. He would always act out to get the attention he wanted. After hearing his story, I realized that family could really affect a child’s behavior and development. It is children like Jim who motivate me to work with children in a family context and use therapy to improve their everyday …show more content…
At one of the mixers held by USC School of Education in Irvine, I was able to talk to Dr. Sandra Smith. She emphasized the diversity offered at USC and the collaborative environment the school provided. I could see the passion and enthusiasm of her explaining the Marriage and Family Therapy program. Her passion made me feel that USC provides an encouraging and lively environment within the school and classes that I want to be a part of. Dr. Ruth H. Chung also made me feel that USC is the right choice for me. Dr. Chung focuses on cultural psychology and asian american families. This is an area of study I am very interested in. I was able to listen to Dr. Chung speak in an information webinar and her passion in this field too gave me the impression that she can be someone I want to work with in the future. I believe that culture is plays a big part in a person. It is very beneficial to learn about other cultures and have a wide knowledge about them because it can help when dealing with certain families or children. Different cultures have a different way of approaching problems; therefore other cultures’ solutions might be the beneficial solution to another culture. University of Southern California is also affiliated with the Child Hospital of Los

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