Essay on My Goals Of A Classroom With Those Same Future Minds

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In our current age and time, education is now more important than ever. The education system has the intense opportunity to influence the minds of the future thinkers, the future leaders, the future’s people. As a result, I understand that such a responsibility also falls onto me because I wish to become a teacher. Therefore, this paper will outline my philosophy I plan to adopt once I reach my goal of being in the classroom with those same future minds. My philosophy I am looking to develop in order to one day integrate in my future classroom consists of the encouragement of intrinsic motivation, the development of a diverse learning environment with different learning styles, as well as allowing students to engage more and fostering a stronger relationship between their schoolmates. To begin with, as a teacher, I want to influence how a student thinks. I understand that I cannot influence their external factors of life, but I can help them internally – most specifically, through their internal and intrinsic motivation. I will complete this by instilling a sense of relevancy in what I am teaching. For instance, for each lesson that I present to the classroom, I will list out what why it is important for the students to learn about such matters. An example would be learning about algebra. I will introduce the concept of algebra as a cornerstone of math that students will utilize as they continue on with their education. Another example would be teaching about history. As…

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