My Goals For Ongoing Professional Development As A Teacher Essay

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view. Those students no longer laughed. This promoted a supportive learning environment for that class and those students.
Teaching as inquiry can also be a useful tool to help identify my main learning goals for ongoing professional development as a teacher. Literacy is a large component of job of being a history teacher (Ministry of Education, 2014). I identified very early on that I need to practise this to aid my students in their own literacy development. This was identified through information from the students and the teacher also. Thus it became one of the aims of my placement to increase the effectiveness of my written communication to students in particular the use of the white board. What I learnt as a part of my ongoing future professional development for example was writing out information before I deliver it to students and to come to class early to ensure that I have time to slowly write the information out on the board. A work on I also identified was working on giving more concise instructions in a way that it gets the information across to students. To combat this I have tried to slow down and talk less. This has helped the flow of lessons and to concentrate on relevant information to the topic and not getting off task. Although I have developed on these aspects, I realise that this is an ongoing place for professional development that will continually needs work.
How did I use information and understandings about students’ strengths,…

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