My Goals For My Life Essay example

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Initial Assessment Essay I have many goals for my life, a few of which include; getting my degree in physics, having a small family, and creating a stable life for my family. There are many ways to accomplish ones goals depending on what your goals are. In order to accomplish my goals I plan on pursuing my degree which will help me to accomplish both getting my degree, and creating a stable life for my family. While pursuing my degree I will need to be focused and driven in order to keep my eye on the big picture and never forget why I do the things I am doing. I came to college both to further my education and my career goals. While furthering my education I will be gaining knowledge that is pertinent to my interests and my future career. In today’s society it is hard to get ahead with out any further education beyond high school, almost every field requires a degree now days. With out a degree a person would not have the needed skills or experience for most chosen careers. In order to be a competitive candidate in todays job market one needs marketable skills, which include a higher education. A higher education shows that you have the drive and dedication to follow through with things and have a higher level of understanding of time lines and due dates. College is an important step in life and one that anyone who plans to go far in their field should not skip. In college you cannot just jump right into your degree courses, you are required to take general…

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