Challenges Of Having A College Education Essay

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Initiating the first step towards getting a college degree is very difficult for many individual. Although, it is a challenge it is not impossible to achieve. As long as an individual is engaged and persistent on the college path, a career is achievable. Despite the value that a college education holds, many people still view it as unnecessary. A college education is beneficial to obtain because it can provide opportunities, stability and personal satisfaction. Being exposed to a college education, helps expand an individual’s knowledge to a broader subjects and skills. This new diverse skills opens up doors for more opportunities in the job market. It is very competitive to find a well paying job, having a college education can make you stand out when applying. For example knowing a second language gain from a college education, will be seen as …show more content…
Even though a college education brings many people opportunities, some people fear going to college. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, “you gain strength, experience and confidence by every experience where you stop to look fear in the face.” This comes to show that students should not fear education. Instead they should be open minded for what life has in store for them. As a result, having high expectations for yourself will increase the possibilities of being motivated for that future college degree. Entering the workforce is very challenging especially if you want to obtain a stable job without a college degree. More than half of high school graduates are not satisfied with their current jobs. Unfortunately, undergraduates face job instability due to the low pay rates they are receiving annually. Sebastin LaRochelle-Cote said that the risk of instability is broadened include…those who did not go to any school or learning institution. It is highly recommended that if you want a

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