My Goals As A Generalist Teacher In Primary School

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As a generalist teacher of Primary School, my aim will be to engage students and motivate them to exceed their potential in all areas of their academic learning and personal social development. Engaging students in the content I teach by exciting them about information and teaching them to learn and think for themselves is my goal as a teacher. Ultimately, I aim to instil in students an awareness of the importance of life-long learning. To achieve this aim I will select content that is meaningful for students, as I believe the way a teacher presents information and the way in which she can link information to students’ lived experience, determines student engagement.

With this in mind, I will teach my students through a curriculum that
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I want the students in my class to develop a strong sense of agency by providing them not only with the necessary skills to become literate and numerate, but also to become independent, self-regulated lifelong learners. Designing assessments and tasks with student interests and needs in mind will encourage intrinsic motivation. If students are intrinsically motivated, they will become self-regulated learners who are autonomous and self-determined. They will then make choices based in a desire for learning and will, therefore, gain deeper levels of understanding. As self-determination is central to feeling intrinsically motivated, I will provide my students with a sense of control over their learning to help them become self-determined …show more content…
This will enable me to meet the ideal outcomes of a successful learner as defined by The Melbourne Declaration of Goals and Education for Young Australians (2008). I see learning as a communal activity requiring students to share ideas, cultures and information, so I will support my students in the practice of actively engaging with one another in groups to support development in these areas. I believe that group work is not only good teaching practice to ensure students are learning at individual developmental levels but it also enables me to meet my students’ need for

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