My Goal, Purpose, And Vision As An Educator

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What is my goal, purpose, or vision as an educator? My main purpose for teaching is to prepare students with the knowledge and values, so that they can be used by God in great and mighty ways to bring glory to Himself and save souls. Someone once told me that everything we learn in life helps prepare and train us for God’s ultimate plan in our lives. This is certainly true in the lives of Bible “greats” like Joseph and Moses. Again, God can only use a person who is sold out and walking with Christ. So, pointing students to Christ is also at the heart of my goal.
What is my view of students? From what I have gleaned while around my eleven year old sister, working with children at a daycare, and observing in public schools, I believe students
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The biggest challenge I might face is directly linked to one of my weaknesses. I tend to be overwhelmed by extremely stressful situations. Admittedly, I am apprehensive about possibly walking into a classroom of unruly students and being unable to calm them enough to actually teach them. Classroom management is of utmost concern and priority for me. I also fear trouble with administration. Although I am not concerned about whether or not I will agree with every decision school administrators may make (I know they are to be respected and honored as every leader should), I worry that they will squash my ability to innovate in the classroom. My personality thrives on change and variety. Being forced to follow the same techniques and methods every year might injure my love of teaching.
How will I effectively deal with these challenges? In dealing with unruly students and stressful situations, I will be putting forth a massive amount of prayer while reviewing all my notes about classroom management. I am well aware that even the best class will have its moments of (hopefully) mild insanity. Even if I fail in one of these situations, I will use it as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and move on. After all, “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.” The important aspect is that I not give up. Only in accepting defeat do I become a true

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