Part One: The Rhythm Of Life By Matthew Kelly

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Part One
In part one of The Rhythm of Life, Matthew Kelly talks about dreams. Not what your brain thinks up when you are sleeping, but about finding something you are passionate about and building your dream around the best version of yourself you be based on God 's will for your life. Kelly talks about dreams not only in the physical things, but I 'm the relational, emotional and spiritual things as well. Kelly talks a lot about how 's your dreams should be focused on what you are passionate about and what you desire rather than what anyone desires for you. This part of the book can easily transfer over into my personal life because I know that I have been called to work in the sports world, and my dream is to be the first female NFL Commissioner.
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I constantly find myself praying for discipline through every aspect of my life. Especially, when it comes to this Finance class. It is hard for me to sit down for hours at a time and study, however I need the self-discipline to get through this class and into the freedom of my major. I also, need self-discipline so I can receive my desired grade at the end of the semester. I know that I will not get an A by not reading, taking notes and allocating the time on homework and quizzes. The more allocation of time necessary for a better grade in this class corresponds directly to the increase of grades. I like how Kelly also discussed addiction and how small or large it can be, it was a great reminder about lent and giving up something I see as valuable in order to fast and lean on Jesus more.
Part Four
In part four, Kelly speaks a lot of passion into priorities. He talks about how priorities should not be for money, or success but rather becoming the best version of yourself. He presented a question about what would happen if God came down and said you had three weeks to live. This question struck me pretty hard because I feel like I say no to a lot of things that I should be prioritizing because I never know when I or a friend or family member will leave this earth. This part of the book hit home for me and made me want to say no to an extra meeting so I could be with a friend who
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He talks about how singlehandedly, we cannot change the world, but we can make significant differences in people’s lives everyday when we choose to live with purpose. He mentioned the story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Specifically, the end part of the story when Charlie returns the everlasting gobstopper that he was going to steal and give to Wonka’s competition. He returns it to Wonka and that humbling act granted Charlie the keys to own the Chocolate Factory. Charlie mad that big of an impact of Wonka by simply taking a piece of candy out of his pocket. The same can be said in my life. Everyday I wake up and make it a goal of mine to make a difference in someone’s life by making them laugh and/or smile. I believe that if you smile and laugh more, you will experience more joy in life and have a better disposition than if you choose not to laugh or smile. I believe that this is something I would discuss in an interview because I am not changing the whole world by making someone smile, ywt I can change their world by spreading the joy of Christ through my own desires of wanting to make a difference. I don’t have to be famous, rich and successful by the world’s definitions to make a difference, I just have to seek out opportunities to love people better, encourage, and help those that need

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