My Goal For My Future Classroom Essay

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Vision Statement

Intro: Would you want to obtain a reputation similar to your worst teacher? Neither would I! I want to do the exact opposite and be known as a helper, a supporter, and a teacher who is passionate about her job and her students. I will strive for excellence in the teaching world. “As a teacher you have more influence over the volition and engagement of your students than you may realize (Jensen).”My goal for my future classroom is to be the best motivator I can be because without motivation, students’ learning cannot be accessed to its fullest extent. From my past experiences as a teacher’s aide for high school Special Education, after school program facilitator in a low income community and as a student, I know motivation is key. I want to eliminate as many sources of demotivation as I can. The only way I know I can do this is by mastering the qualities which make a great teacher great, practicing excellent teaching styles and managing a positive classroom environment.
To ensure my students are motivated to master the taught objectives of each lesson, I must utilize and model good teaching qualities. Such qualities involve, acting and dressing professionally at all times, abiding by all rules and regulations, keeping an unbiased perspective and staying open-minded and self-aware. I will make the greatest attempt to excel at all expectations of me by my supervisors, colleagues, students and parents by communicating effectively with each. I will hold my…

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