Essay on My Goal For A Career Path

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Life Goals Paper
People use to tell me all the time that it was not ever too late to start on a career path, be all that I can be, or be successful; but honestly, I did not have any goals or dreams, and what I wanted out of life did not have anything to do with having a career or being successful, but little did I know, all that was about to change. In November of 2011, my mom passed away and was laid to rest that December. On that day, I promised her that I would not let all her hard work die in vain and be for nothing. At that moment, I remembered her telling me about how we came from people of knowledge, scholars and educators, and that our ancestors believed education was the key to being a successful, vital resource in the workforce as well as in society. In remembrance and honor of the hard work of my ancestors and my mother, my goal is to become a successful business owner. I am determined to earn my bachelor 's degree in business, repair my credit, and locate financial resources to assist me in opening my business.
To achieve this goal, I must first earn my bachelor’s degree which was important to my mother and ancestors and because completing college is the best way to learn all the aspects of business as well as entrepreneurship. My college goals come simple to me because there is just one primary focus: making the grade; and in order to make the grade, I have to plan, prepare, have backup plans, and avoid procrastination. Once enrolled and classes have begun, I…

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