Army Career Essay

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My goal as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and leader in the United States Army has always been to lead by example. My goal in doing this is to help my soldiers be the best that they can be in order to create a strong and ready force. In order to grow and become more knowledgeable in my position as a leader, I often reflect on my choices, decisions, and the actions of my soldiers. Although I have had many memorable experiences in my military career, the one that makes me the proudest is when I was able to help a soldier overcome his negative attitude about physical training (PT) and find his way to becoming a successful solider and leader.
A New Post Upon taking my post as the First Sergeant of Alpha Battery 2-142 Field Artillery Unit, I took time to learn about the soldiers I would be leading. I wanted to learn as much as I could and make sure that my soldiers were all within regulation. Looking over information and talking with the existing leaders of the unit, I learned that some of my soldiers were being watched as
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It turned out that he did not know a lot about healthy eating, so I began teaching him what I could. Together we created a healthier diet for him to follow, without changing too much. My focus for him at the beginning was to start eating less of what he already ate and make a few substitutions. I knew that we needed to start small to help keep him successful. Also, we created a plan for him to walk at least half an hour every day and do strengthening exercises. I gave him my phone number, too, so he could contact me with any questions or if he needed some support as he did not have a lot of support at home. The sergeant wrote down the plan and vowed to make good decisions. We also discussed that it would be a good idea to record his eating and exercise habits for a month until we met again, but again, I did not want to overwhelm him with too many tasks or too many

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