Essay My Global Mindset Inventory Assessment

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Looking back on my semester, and my Global Mindset Inventory Assessment I can say based off of the parameters I set for myself, I could have been a lot better about ensuring that I achieve my goals and objectives. However, I think that by acknowledging the areas where I was the weakest/lacked the certain skillset needed, allowed for me to still have some personal growth in these areas. In my Assessment Plan, I had chosen to work on my Cosmopolitan Outlook (2.71), Interpersonal Empathy (2.83) and Global Business Savvy skills (1.38). I had originally chosen theses skills, because they were ones that I scored the lowest in, but also because I found them to be the ones that provided the best opportunity for personal growth in myself across my scoresheet. I thought that improvement amongst by Global Business Savvy and Cosmopolitan Outlook scores would afford me the possibility to increase my confidence/Self-Assurance (3.0) score and my Cognitive Complexity (3.8) scores. I found these two areas to enable me to feel more confident in my findings and my place in the global business world. I was also hopeful that they would provide me with the opportunity to analyze abstract ideas, practice my methods of problem solving, and relaying complex ideas in a summarized fashion which would all enhance the weaker aspects of my Cognitive Complexity. I had also chose to focus on my Interpersonal Empathy, because I thought that if I was able to integrate myself in a subculture foreign to me on…

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