My Family Genogram Assignment

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My Genogram assignment made me feel like I was with my siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, and even my grandparents. During my genogram drawing I discovered much information of my family. While I was studying my family history, I noticed some interesting facts such as, appearance, health problems, marriage history etc., which are directly connected with me. There is a strong influence of nature and nurture in everybody’s life just like in my life. I found the genogram is a long distance mirror because it helped me recognize whom I look like, where my character came from, why my behaviors are like this, and why I am having some health problems.
My mother always talked about my maternal grandparents, and I often heard about my paternal grandparents
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In my culture paternal grandparents gives name for a newborn child. Usually they give name of a god because they believed that this was the only way to remember a god every time they call the child such as Krishna, Devi, Durga, Ganesh and many more. However, my paternal grandparents were not living, so my older sister chose the name Sobita for me. The meaning of Sobita is bright and happy. My older sister’s name is Devi, which was chosen by my grandparents. There are some genetic diseases, which exist, in my family history such as blood cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases, thyroid problems. Some members from my mother’s side were diagnosed with blood cancer. My maternal grand father died at the age of thirty by blood cancer. This pattern continued and caught my maternal uncle, he went through so many treatments, but couldn’t survive. My mother and another uncle have been suffering from high blood pressure. Heart problem and thyroid problems were visible on my father’s side. My paternal grand father died by heart attack, and my father is receiving treatment for it. Just a few days ago my brother also got heart problems. Few years ago my aunt got an operation of thyroid. I have been constantly taking medicine for thyroid since few

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