Gengram: Afic And Enlightening Experience Of A Genogram

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Genogram Paper
Jermaine Hibbert
Seton Hall University

Genogram Paper
Engaging in the genogram assignment proved to be a challenging, arduous, and enlightening experience to say the least. Although, my genogram is not as extensive and accurate as it could be, that in and of it-self proved to be an area of unexplored learning of growth. Firstly, I will cover the information I was able to glean from my journalism like exploits with the few family members I knew well enough to answer some of the tell-all questions I was expected ask. Secondly, I will attempt to explore and process as best as I can all the limitations, whether self imposed or boundaries that my large, yet somewhat disconnected family has set in place. These limitations
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Which is something that surprised me. The amount of anxiety I experienced in regards to reaching out to family members and just having a conversation with them was difficult. Looking at my genogram you can see how difficult that was due to there being so much information missing. The most important chunk missing was information from my paternal side of the family. As I described earlier I would describe the relationship between my father and myself as an emotional cutoff. At one time, we were much closer together. When I was much younger I would travel to Canada every summer to spend time with my father. As I became older and older our physical contact spent together dwindled greatly. After my graduation from my undergraduate studies I would say I began to really emotionally cutoff my father. We communicated less and less as the time progressed. The irony in this situation is that by attending Seton Hall I essentially moved closer to my father since he now resides in New York. Moving closer has not helped in improving our relationship with each other. After deeper reflection I can see where I am mostly the one contributing to this pattern of behavior. A great analogy for the relationship between my parents and myself is that they are the trackers and I am the detacher (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). I am the one who does not reach out often and doesn’t communicate with my parents in a way that is healthy. This assignment has catalyzed deep reflection on my part to better understand why I do not communicate as well as I have the ability to with my parents, especially my father. If there is unresolved conflict, I have repressed it so deeply that I am having trouble pinpointing what it actually could be. Another family pattern or rule that I have unconsciously picked that could be attributing to this difficulty is that for the most part we

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