My Future Classroom Essay

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The future school that awaits me is one which utilizes alternative education methods in an equal opportunity environment. Where teachers collaborate and support each other in the common goal of creating a safe, fun learning environment for students. I look forward to experiential, hands on learning where children can be creative and glean knowledge from their own observations and experiences. This future school seeks to help children continually see the benefits of their labor through practical application of learned concepts and engaging alternative assessment methods such as portfolios and expressive projects.

The future classroom that awaits me is one made up of a community of learners rooted in respect, cooperation and motivation.
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Please put on your indoor shoes and relax, while I give you a tour. We have plenty of natural sunshine and a great view of our class garden. Did you see the weather station and compost bucket out there too? Our outdoor environment is an extension of all that we learn and study in the classroom. The data we collect there, has so much to contribute to our geography and science curriculums.

The classroom floor plan flows between table areas for groups of children and spacious areas to work on the floor. Throughout the room, shelves hold beautiful, interesting things, devoted to subject areas the kids are learning about. We have a variety of learning manipulatives, reference books and materials to support our studies. This aesthetically pleasing space is not cluttered and has natural wood furniture and neutral colored walls. Weekly, students cut flowers to place around the room and there is pretty art on the walls. Through the classroom you will see symbols of love, friendship and peace. It is classroom is set up to allow and encourage independence for the students. The child size, movable furniture and supplies give the children the liberty to use materials to design project and be creative with their assignments or work. Also, children are encouraged to work in groups, collaborate and help each
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You will see students using materials from reading, math, science, or many other subjects. Children are always invited to request a subject study or request that an assignment is done in a particular way which suits them best. Teachers always love ideas and feedback from their students. Many times a day, a small group of children meet with a teacher, working with a Montessori material or discussing a concept. Don’t be surprised if is difficult to locate a teacher at first as they tend to blend in with the students in this comfortable yet stimulating

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