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I am a fan of reading and writing, I read in my free time and like to write. However as I’ve begun to take harder classes, gotten a job and been playing tennis, my free time has decreased and I haven’t written or read much. In previous years, including last year, I have written poems, short stories and read entire serieses in my free time. This may make it seem as though english should be my favorite subject but it is not. I like literacy, not english class, we do to much strict structure writing for it to be fun and enjoyable. Rarely do we get a loose topic to write about such as this, there is a timeline of events that we have to fit in our story which limits our creativity if we are even allowed to write a fictional story for the assignment. …show more content…
Technically it is history but it doesn’t bore me because it is not presented in the fashion that most other history, things from 100’s of years ago, are presented. I have had one very structured fictional writing for an english class that I overall enjoyed. Last year in Honors English II we had an island short story to write. The requirement were that we had five days in our story and we had set events that had to happen for each day, the whole story also had to take place on an island. I was frustrated that it limited my creativity until I found a way to work around it a bit better. Instead of only having the required scene in each day I added in it to something else that happened that I made up. By making plenty of other things happen as well I was able to make my story flow a bit better and I was able to enjoy it more because I got to express my creativity and my own ideas. I was able to work my own ideas into this very restricted template and had a great time writing my Island Narrative, so much so that I worked on it for hours at home every night and ended up with 29 pages and over 10,000

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