Compare And Contrast Essay Class Vs English Class

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We have all been through this when students experienced a classroom with a good and bad professors throughout the school year. As the good professor who that inspired you to learn to accomplish things and explore what 's going to happen next in the future. And there 's the bad professor who have a boring personality or don 't care enough about making the students happy. Due to tremendous of math assignments we intend to receive in math class we find ourselves struggling a little. Whereas in English class some of us feel more confident, because we understand the lecture better by the English professor than math professor. These traits will show their status has to do with availability, lesson plan, and their voice tones. It has those qualities …show more content…
If a professor has a lesson plan that are boring and have the students not focusing what is the point of being in the class. The professor perspective should be creative and confident for the students. Many of the students don 't like the lecture because lectures could be boring, and there 's nothing so exciting about a lesson. But both classes are the same lecture everyday. Particularly, in English we get something new to listen and learn about everyday. We find the professor who finds new ways to teach a lesson differently. As a class we will discuss a deep topic in a group it would get so loud, but that 's the fun interactive way to learn. I believe that 's the great experience part of being interactive and participating in that class. If they do not find the most creative ways to teach, though those professors will not succeed for becoming a good teacher. Also math class, our professor will give us a quick lesson on what will are doing today and tell any of the students if we are far behind schedule we need to catch up with the rest of us who are on track. We will think the class is so boring, so how we are just working on our math problems on the computer and talk with the same lecture everyday. It is the same routine all the time. Sometimes it will get really boring and we know how it is going to

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