My Fitness Activity And Fitness In Training Peaks

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From week one of Training Peaks I engaged in six days of moderate physical activity and one day of vigorous physical activity. Most of the activities were done as part of normal daily living: walking to class and walking up and down the stairs of my household. For vigorous activity I would take a day to go on a hike in Flagstaff or Sedona. The hikes were about 2 hours long, with elevation gained, and roughly 5 miles round trip. The next several weeks I engaged in more vigorous activities. I began to go the gym at least once a week: a 5-mile bike ride was my warmup, then I focused on basic cardo and upper body. I lifted weights of 20lbs to perform 3 sets of 20 biceps curl raises, 3 sets of 20 lateral arm rises, 3 sets of 20 lunges with the weights side by side. To end my workout, I would run few laps around the track. This workout plan became a routine for …show more content…
Week one I was in the Preparation stage of learning. I was getting ready to make lifestyle changes that would become a regular practice. I believe now towards the semester I have accomplished that and I am in the maintenance stage of learning. Creating a plan of workouts and self-monitoring my results gave me the confidence to make a regular habit of it. I believe in using these applications can create a lifestyle change with individuals wanting an active lifestyle. I would use these tools to help individuals create a goal of where they hope to be in five weeks with physical activity and eating habits. The great thing about Training Peaks and My Fitness Pal is they are applications available on cellular devices. Introducing these applications to future clients can be beneficial to help promote self- monitoring and self-confidence. Having a goal, creating a plan, and viewing the results from these applications makes it easier to keep track of and areas of improvement stand

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