My First Year Survival Guide Essay

1314 Words Oct 4th, 2014 6 Pages
First year survival guide actually made me feel more comfortable with the way that my placement has been going. There were times that I was worried about my skill in classroom management but after reading the article I think that I have been doing at least on par and have been reacting in the right way. The article itself was a great read, I agree with a lot of what I had read. On the other hand there were some things that I believe don’t remain are not as relevant anymore. There were section titles that grabbed my attention immediately: Planning, Organization, The System, and Coping with stress. These are my main issues and I grabbed great pieces from these sections. Planning starts with looking at the whole course not just the week coming up. In my placement right now I didn’t really have the opportunity to develop much of a long range plan as it was already set that we were going to do measurement with a project, then a group of pieces leading into mousetrap cars. This is how the class has been run for a number of years. The article says to look into different curriculums that teachers with the same course are using. By looking into other successful teachers, you can start to gauge what you should be doing and improve on what they are doing. The steps laid out in the survival guide leave a natural progression of the work a teacher needs to do and in the end make the job a little easier. I didn’t do my first placement in the right way and I think that by…

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