My First Year Of Teaching Essay

1094 Words Jan 25th, 2016 null Page
I am in my fourth year of teaching in York County, for a total of five years teaching high school science in Virginia. During those five years, I have taught high school students at the: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior levels. Educational technology is always a vital part of each grade level. I want to be a contributing, valuable member of the Curriculum & Educational Technology (CET) program. Earning my degree in CET will help me pursue my dream of becoming a leader and innovator in educational technology. Through leading other teachers and innovating creative technological lessons, I will impact not only the students I instruct in my classroom, but help classroom teachers and students on a wide scale.
My background and training in education is from rural south-east Victoria, Australia. I attended small very poorly technologically equipped government schools where teachers and students had to make the absolute most out of everything they had. In a country as lucky as Australia there are now very few schools that are lacking needed technologies, though this trend still holds around the United States and in many other countries. I learned much from my Australian experiences, I taught in schools with no technology and schools with the most cutting edge technology available. Consistently through all of these experiences I focused on using the available technology to further the scientific experience of my students. Not every lesson attempted was successful, though I…

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