My First Year Of High School Essay

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“High school isn 't a very important place. When you 're going you think it 's a big deal, but when it 's over nobody really thinks it was great unless they 're beered up.” (Carrie by Stephen King) My high school experience was not the greatest and I can very much relate to that quote from Carrie. My high school career had the potential to have been better, where I could have graduated instead of attaining my GED. There were three main things that interfered with my high school education. Overall, the two and a half years I spent in high school, I lacked the support of my peers, teachers and parents. Without the support I craved and needed, it interfered with my performance at school. My first year of high school, I wouldn 't say I was popular, but I wasn 't unpopular either, I was somewhere between. Then the second year, I started to pick fights and just end friendships over the littlest disagreements. With the lack of friendships, I lost the support I needed to vent openly to someone my age and possibly someone who could understand the struggles I was facing at home. I lacked support from teachers as well. Teachers did not seem to notice that I was drifting by them, or that I did not want to continue my education. If they noticed the lack of homework that I was turning in or how much of a hit my grades were sinking, they never said a single word to me about it. They continued to let the behavior go, without asking why. Finally, I had a lack of support from my parents.…

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