My First Year Of College Essay

1227 Words May 30th, 2016 5 Pages
The transfer from high school to college can be a challenge. My first year of college taught me numerous lessons that I still use to this day. One of the most imperative lessons is to go to teacher office hours. The second is to get to know individuals in your class because fellow classmates can be extremely helpful. Next is that having a sense of time is important. Also, to accept failure and use it as a lesson to improve me. Because of these lessons I am prepared for the rest of my years in college. When in college it is important making a habit of going to teacher’s office hours. Furthermore, my first semester I did not start going to office hours till it was too late. The class I struggled with was chemistry and I was terrified to admit that I needed help. Also, with being in my first semester the professor was intimidating. After the third exam that I did not do well on I decided to suck it up and face my fear. What I came to find out is that the professor was truly welcoming and enthusiastic to help me. After that, I made it a habit of going to office hours before an exam if there was any material that I did not fully understand. Also, I would go after an exam to go over any material that I struggled with still on the exam in hope that I would be prepared for the final. Another benefit of going to teacher’s office hours is that they get to see your face and know you personally rather than just another student. Furthermore, when I got to my engineering of materials…

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