My First Year At Grcc Essays

1140 Words Dec 10th, 2015 5 Pages
They say every day you 're supposed to learn something new. But is this really the truth? Do you learn something new everyday? My freshman year at GRCC I could agree with the saying that you learn something everyday. I started the year with taking political science, English of course, yoga, and anatomy. Every course tested me physically, mentally and emotionally.

Let 's be honest, my favorite class was English. The most interesting, most familiar, and by far the one class I didn 't mind learning new things in. I learned more about commas, semicolons, the proper ways to write a review. How to write so many different kind of papers. Which every paper I truly enjoyed. They all were creative, and tested my creativity.

Of all of the papers I had written this semester and if I absolutely had to choose my least favorite paper would probably have been this reflective essay. Only because the topic was reflecting and the other essays were such different topics. I do enjoy reflecting on my first semester of English, but it doesn 't have the best story like the other papers we wrote this year. The toughest part about this paper is trying not to ramble on and on about things that will bore my audience. The best part about the reflective paper is knowing that my professor actually will read them and know that I appreciated all of her help and that her topics I enjoyed very much.

I loved writing the profile paper because it gave me the opportunity to learn more about my dad and what…

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