My First Tattoo - Original Writing Essay

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My First Tattoo A couple of months ago I received a call from my mother. I was just sitting in my room, watching Netflix, as usual, with a lavender candle burning in the corner. I don’t see her often because my parents are divorced and She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. Anyways, I answer the phone.
“Hi Hun! What are you up to?” said my mom.
“Not a lot. I’m just watching TV. What about you?” I said.
“Well I’ve been thinking about when you told me you wanted a tattoo, and I think it would be neat if we got one together,” She said.
When She told me this my first thought was to not get one. I wanted my first tattoo to be meaningful and have a lot of thought put into it. Another thing about me, I’m not great about saying no.
“Yeah! That sounds good,” I said, “When would we get it?”
“I was thinking in a couple weeks when you come to Lincoln,” she said, “I know a guy that’s really good in Kearney.”
“Alright, I’m going to talk to my dad first,” I said.
“Okay, just let me know. I’ll be sending you pictures of things we could get,” said my mom. We were sitting in the kitchen, talking about how my dad’s day went when I remembered the conversation with my mom.
“So my mom called the other day,” I said, “She wants to get a tattoo with me.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. You should think about something that permanent for at least a year,” my dad said.
“Dad, it’s not like it’s some random tattoo of a rainbow that I’d be getting on a drunken night. This is a tattoo I will get with my…

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