My First Semester Of College Essay

835 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
In my first semester of college, I have been exposed to so much and I have learned so much. Learning Basic Medical Science has allowed me to learn a variety of new things that I had never even heard of before or done before like immunohistochemistry, solving case studies, and T1/T2 translational research.
Immunohistochemistry was really interesting and complex. At first, I overlooked it because I thought it was my over my head and not applicable to me at the moment. Then, over time I noticed that we talked about it several class periods, so clearly it had some significance to us currently. I was excited to hear from upper medical students that it is something to be exposed to early because it is used and talked about it many areas of basic science research.
Solving case studies was applicable because as I was learning about different systems in anatomy I was able to apply that knowledge in what seemed like the closest thing to a “differential diagnosis” situation for a year one medical student. Learning about translational research was interesting because it is something that I have little exposure to throughout my years in school. Understanding the difference between T1 and T2 research is very necessary as physician, so I am very glad I was able to learn because before I did not even know there were different types. Even though my incoming medical knowledge was very limited prior to the start of the program, I still had been able to develop my own views and opinions…

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