Essay on My First Of Three Children

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I was born on August 31st, 1998. I am the first of three children. I’m also the only daughter, so I’m spoiled a little bit. Since I’m the oldest, I think it has made me a little more responsible than my younger brothers. I have had to do more chores than them and run more errands which, I think, is going to help me when I go to college and move out. I’ve also have to watch them and make the food. Having brothers have also made me a stronger person. It’s made me more competitive also. I can’t let my brothers beat me in anything. If they do I get really mad and act like I let them win.
Growing up, and still to this day, I live by 2 of my mom’s brothers and their wives and kids. I’m really fortunate to be as close as I am with my family. My cousin, Adrianna, is basically my sister. When we were younger we would be at each others houses everyday. We also played games, barbies, rode bikes, and played house together. We were really close when we were younger. We still are close we share each others clothes a lot. Whenever she gets cute clothes I’m excited because, I know that I’ll be able to wear it too. We fight all the time too about stupid little things and then make up right after. We dance and cheer together so, we still get to hang out a lot. I’m really lucky to have her. It’s nice to be able to have a sister relationship with someone since I only have younger brothers.
I’ve grown up in a middle class family. I have always had an abundance of things and would never run out.…

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